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Prototyping & manufacture


Our team of expert design and product engineers provide a full range of prototype services, helping to bring your ideas into production.

3D Printer

Why Choose Digital Prototyping

Digital prototyping saves you time and money. We’ll ‘virtually‘ examine a product before it’s built, and prepare detailed reports on part suitability.

Using sophisticated CAD software we simulate the 3D model of assemblies and mechanisms to ensure parts work harmoniously together.

By applying real-world conditions we evaluate the likelihood of failure, predicting high-stress areas, fatigue and product life expectancy amongst other crucial design data. And we do this faster than parts can be made, thereby avoiding the expense of destructive testing.

From this, we iterate, improve, optimize and visualize parts and assemblies. The process is ongoing throughout the design cycle helping us meet your form, fit and function specifications.

The Benefits of a Digital Prototyping Company

Digital prototyping means less physical prototypes are needed which helps us get your product to market quicker, and less costly, than trial and error manufacturing.

Traditionally the design cycle goes from concept to design, to build, to test, to fix, to improve and further develop. Digital prototyping changes that to an improved process of; concept to design, to analyze and test, and then build. Fewer prototype builds are needed and maybe even entirely eliminated.

We organize manufacture and build prototypes in our workshop, saving you time and the headache. Crucially though, responsibility remains with us – meaning that you’ve prevented the arguments of designer blaming the manufacturer, and vice versa if something doesn’t go well.

Recognising that sometimes iterative design improvements are needed – we’ll perform them with our in-house manufacturing capability. Light milling, turning, folding, drilling or welding is performed in-house and our FDM 3D printer prints strong, durable and stable parts in ABS plastic to a fine resolution.

Prototype Engineering

A4 Plus
looks after the whole process

from defining the design at the start, implementing any required design improvements; through to digital prototypingmanufacture, build and testing.
Delivering the updated drawing and design pack to reflect ‘as-built’ status for final delivery

Turning your ideas into reality is easier than you think if you use A4 Plus.
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